October 18, 2010


Does anyone know how to put a poll up on your blog? I sure don't :) I haven't had a real blog post in a while, partly because of the MOUNTAIN of school I've been doing:) Anyone have any ideas for a blog post? I'm also thinking about starting up an Etsy :)

October 10, 2010

AmandaBeth online giveaway!

I won the K&A soaps giveaway! Yay! thank you AmandaBeth! I am so excited! Everyone should go check out her blog it's really fun!

October 08, 2010

Last Day! To a park

Jacket: Hand me down from my awesome cousin.
Jeans: already owned
under shirt: $3 at Wal Mart
Headband: $5 At Claires
Earrings: gift
Ring: gift
Boots: Hand me downs

October 07, 2010

Day 7: A nice resteraunt :)

Dress: gift
Sweater: gift
Boots: gift
necklace: gift
headband: gift

October 06, 2010

Day 6: TO youth group we go :)

Shoes: gift
Leggings: gift
Dress: Target $22
Headband: Claires, 2.25
Necklace: 6.00 Mt. Rushmore
Earrings: gift
My total is: 30.25 :)

October 04, 2010

Day 5: Going to the mall

**I am the one with brown leggings, orange shirt, and dress.**

Shirt: Owned for over 2 years
Leggings: $5 WalMart
Headband: $5 Kohls
Necklace:$8 Mark(Avon)
Brown Hoop earrings: Gift
Converse: Gift

October 03, 2010

Day4: Relaxing at home

Hoodie: Gift, I think from PacSun
Shorts: Owned for 2 years
Socks: Target, owned for a year
Shirt: gift

Day 3: going to church

Skirt: Owned for a year
Shirt: Gifted
Shoes: Gifted
Jacket: $20 target
Headband: $5 Kohls
Necklace: $6 Mt. Rushmore store

October 02, 2010

Day 2: Formal

Shirt: Owned for 2 years
Dress: Target $20
Leggings:$10 Macy's
Shoes: Hand me downs
Hair clippie: Homemade
Bracelet: Owned for a Year
Necklace: $5 at a concert in June

October 01, 2010

Girl's fashion week 2010 entry 1

Going to the big game:
Shirt: I received as a gift 2 years ago
Pants: Kohls, I bought them last year school shopping
Shoes: Hand me downs
Headband: 2.25 from claires