July 26, 2011

A Thought....

Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow; it empties today of its strength. - Corrie Ten Boom

July 25, 2011

Senior Pictures Sneak Peek

More to come....
Libbi H.

July 24, 2011

Washington Family Vacation 2011

As I let you all know earlier, my family took a wonderful vacation to Washington. We stayed in a hotel two nights, my uncle's for 1 night, and a house on the beach for three entire days! Here are some of the pictures ( my mom took over 1200 :)

                {On the Pier in Seattle}

{At the Crab Pot}
 {On the way to Pt. Angeles via the ferry!}
 {On the one[very little] dune that separated our house from the beach, my mom is taking the picture}
 {The long kelp :) }
{On our evening walk}
{Playing in the water }
{My sister's birthday dinner of fresh salmon, wild rice, and zucchini and squash}
 {My youngest sister Shiloh at the tide pools :)}
{My five year old sister Ellie after chasing seagulls :) }
{Two of the *many* starfish we found at Salt Creek}
{The four of us standing on the railing of our beach home}

One of the coolest thing about the house we stayed in was that all of the railings were made out of driftwood, very very cool.

See you all tomorrow! Enjoy the last of your weekend!

Libbi H.

July 23, 2011


My dearest followers,
     Today is my very 1st Blogaversary, I have moved from zero to over 150 followers in one year! What wonderful followers I have! In honor of this special event, I am going to show you my first ever post...

Hey all of my peeps! I got a blog!(Of course, I'm sure you figured that out) I will try and post as much as I can, about subjects such as: Popsicles in December, chili in July, and Peeps all year round. It is going to rock. I mean seriously rock. Like, more seriously rock then the Grand Canyon. Well that is an achievement, I should get a "first post" award. Or a box of Peeps. Yes, that'll do. A big box of Peeps. anyway, READ ON! ___________________________________________________________________________________

I can hardly believe that was a year ago. Since then I have had:
  •   Thecountries with the most views are...
    United States
    United Kingdom
    South Korea
  • I would like to shout out to the to five blogs that have brought the most traffic to my blog:             
  1.  Mod Style Lounge
  2. Bramblewood Fashion
  3. What I Wear, What I Do, and Why I Did It
  4. Following God Every Day
  5. Umbrella Girl

Thank you all so much for a wonderful 1st year of blogging!

Libbi H.

July 22, 2011

Book Review: Don't Check Your Brains at the Door By Josh McDowell and Bob Hostetler

     “Seven in ten Protestants ages 18 to 30—both evangelical and mainline—who went to church regularly in high school said they quit attending by age 23, according to the survey by LifeWay Research.” (USA Today)
 Do you ever wonder why the statistics are so grim? How could Tom from youth group or Jane from your Bible study, abandon their faith? As Josh and Bob both show in this interesting book, the cause is that these seemingly devoted highschoolers were playing a Christian game, rather than having a real relationship with Jesus Christ. They knew the scriptures to recite, just not the significance of them. This handy book ( which also can be purchased as an e-book) shows 42 myths, and how we can disprove them using scriptural proof, archeological proof, and good ol' common sense.
     I thought this book was a well organized, easy-to-understand book. Never had I realized how many of the facts I had not ever thought about, and how necessary they are to maintaining a relationship with Christ through the rest of my life. I looked at my youth group, and applying the statistic, I realized that seven of every ten could possibly leave their faith. This  is a tragic story, that we as Christians will end. With the easy to access chapters and the "Brain Food" section at the end, I would highly recommend asking everyone in their early to late teens to read this. Overall, it was a highly researched book, full of vivid detail, and wonderful truths.

Libbi H.

P.S. Thomas Nelson gave me the book for free to review honestly

July 20, 2011

{NO SUBJECT} {Except for the apologies for not posting and the other apologies for the lack of posts and a sneak peek of something....}

My dearest blog followers,

     I have come back from my wonderful vacation, and I had a fantastic time! {Picture post coming soon :)}I am also going to start posting more regularly, and without so much space in between posts :) My 1 year Blogaversary is on SATURDAY! I am super excited! I also have taken about 76% of my Senior pictures :) Class of 2012 baby! (Pictures post coming soon as well :) I have a question for all of you, What type of posts do you like in a blog? Topical, Giveaways, Worldview, Fashion, Reviews, what kind do you like? And lastly, a sneak peak of my senior pictures....

Did you see it? Of course you didn't silly! You have to be patient until the end of the week :)
The REAL Libbi H.

Book Review: Love Food and Live Well - by Chantel Hobbs

      You don't have to be ashamed of it! You can eat that piece of chocolate! You can devour that peanut-butter parfait! Sound like a dream come true?It is! In this Chantel Hobbs book, prepare to be amazed! This is not a stereotypical diet book, rather it is a lifestyle book, teaching it's readers to love food, love exercise, and overall, love life! With a likable personality, down-to-earth stories, and massive amounts of encouragement, Chantel makes this book a must read!
    This was a super-fantastic book. With helpful and encouraging tips, guidelines, and suggestions, Chantel really outdid herself, this book was one of better I have read, because she is not one of those people who frantically tell you the evils of sugar, or MSG, or this or that. Rather, she has the perfect view of food, as a gift from God to be savored every day, with special treats to look forward to every now and then. I would recommend this book to anyone who is in there early teens or older, because she is showing how to create a happy life, she doesn't slam people for eating food, or for sneaking a chocolate chip cookie. In fact, she shares her inspiring testimony about overcoming her addiction to food. Overall, this was a great book, and I hope you will read it!

July 12, 2011

1 week vacation!

Hey all my faithful followers! I am going on a trip to Washington State from July 13th-19th, so there will be a TON of pictures when I get back and I get back two days before my 1 year blogaversary, so I might have to bring back a little something special...(hint hint:)

Sincerely, Libbi H.

P.S. See ya soon!