November 05, 2013

Book Review: The Governess of Highland Hill by Carrie Turansky


    Miss Julia Foster is the daughter of missionaries. Growing up in India, she cannot imagine anywhere else she would rather live. When she is forced to become a governess due to her father’s sickness, she tries her best to fit in, despite being above the staff and below the family. When her feelings towards the children’s father start to grow, she fears that he does not reciprocate her feelings. Will she be able to make the right decision before she abandons the country?
      I liked this book really well. Give me any well-written book that talks about the unique relationship between the staff and family, and I will read it! I loved the unique scenario of a brother and sister both falling in love with someone outside of their social class. The author, Carrie Turansky, did a beautiful job describing the characters and settings. The only thing about the book I did not like was the unbelievably hast resolve. There was barely enough climax. That said, I know that most publishers don’t like books to be more than about 400 pages, so I think the tradeoff was still a good one. I do not know if the author is planning on writing a sequel, but if she is, she can count me in as one of the first to buy it!
      Overall, this book was a good one, filled with lighthearted romance and beautiful descriptions, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes Downton Abbey, or anyone who loves books in the English countryside.

Book Review: Blessed Child by Ted Dekker and Bill Bright

Caleb is not your usual ten-year-old. Raised in an Ethiopian monastery, his whole world is shifted when he is forced to escape the only home he has ever known, with two people he has never met. Jason Marker, a man who is a relief worker, and Leiah, a nurse, take Caleb from the monastery, fleeing the impending attack.  It doesn’t take Jason and Leiah very long to figure out that Caleb has a gift; he heals all the sick people that he comes in contact with, and he seems to live in a different world. Haunted by their own questioning, they have yet to come into contact with this God that Caleb loves so much, but when they do it will shake their world.
     I loved this book. SO MUCH. This is in my top ten fiction books of all time. It is amazing how powerful a work of fiction can be. The cover was so well done, it was perfect. The plot was not only powerfully accurate, it was also intriguingly captivating. The authors deserve a medal, or at least a lot of good reviews! The plot is so incredibly well written, you could see the characters, and you could feel their pain.  Whenever Caleb healed someone, you would have tears of joy.
     I think Ted Dekker and Bill Bright have written about the kingdom of God so beautifully, that I can’t accurately describe the awe that I had. They have written this book so well, and I would recommend it to literally anyone. This book is suspenseful, romantic, and has historical value, yet it is all just a part of the elaborate tapestry of this book. 
This book is the perfect bet for everyone on your Christmas list, and I encourage you to buy yourseld a copy!
This book was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.