December 01, 2013

Eshakti Review: Chambray button down shirt

When eShakti contacted me to see if I would review a fall item for them, I was ecstatic. If you haven't already been able to tell, I LOVE eShakti. I seriously spen all my free time shopping their website. I used them for my graduation dress, and also for a bridesmaid dress I had to wear, as well as something from their website consistently being on my wishlist. Onto the review!

I decided to request a Chambray button down shirt (This one to be precise) and I requested it to be mid thigh length. When I received it I anxiously tried it on. It fit perfect, and it was exactly as long as I requested it, it just didn't seem to lay right over pants. It ended up almost looking like a peplum, and it wasn't super flattering on me. I checked the measurements, and it was exactly what I ordered, so I decided that I liked it a lot tucked in. 
Overall, I think eShakti did a great job. I need to look some more on pinterest for some styling tips, but I can already tell that this shirt is really good quality. It also came with a sash, which is not pictured. I really love how well the shirt fits across my shoulders. It is a really good length to wear with my green skinny jeans, can't wait to wear that outfit!
Overall, if you are shopping around for the perfect top, dress, or skirt, you should look at  They have a fantastic assortment of clothing, and I have never received an item I didn't love!

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eShakti gave this item in exchange for this honest review. Thanks!