February 26, 2013

Book Review: Josiah's Treasure by Nancy Herriman

      In 1882, respectable employment is nearly impossible to find if you are a single young woman. So is the reason Sarah Whittier has decided to open an art studio run entirely by single women, and she will stop at nothing to make sure “her girls” are taken care of. She is elated to finally have secured a location for the building, using her late father-figure’s house as collateral for the loan.    Unfortunately, as soon as she has a victory, a challenge comes in the form of a inheritance seeking heir, Daniel Cady. Will she be able to keep her beloved studio from Daniel, or even more importantly, her heart?
      I LOVED this book. So very much. The author did a wonderful job of making the characters realistic, as well as making the descriptions vivid. I was enthralled with the story from the first page, and I never lost interest. In addition, one of my favorite things for an author to do is to make the resolution slightly longer than a book’s resolution typically is. I love seeing the beginning of the next chapter (pun intended) of the character’s life. I enjoyed that the hero and heroine of the story were not perfect, as most authors today forget to put flaws in the lead roles. I can’t think of any critique for this book, except that I wish that there was a sequel right now! Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a suspenseful, slightly romantic, and wonderful read.

This eBook was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

February 24, 2013

Hiking, guitars, and a haiku.

So, my dear followers, I have been MIA for almost a month. And I am very sorry. Life has been CRAZY. Seriously. What happened during my unannounced hiatus? I am glad you asked.

 I became an adult. I started online classes. I sent off my best friend to college. I hiked the Pawnee buttes with my puppies.I learned to play guitar. I got a guitar (this one). I got a promotion at work. I rearranged my room. I cleaned out my closet. I got bangs. I started drinking tea everyday. I drove in the snow. I went and saw Tim Hawkins in concert. I went to Dare 2 share. I read eight books. I got an Instagram. I entered two book giveaways. I got a new dress from eShakti (review to come!). I ate Tilapia twice. I started using sulfate free shampoo. I got snowed in at my granparents house (which was fantastic). I took 15 Sunset pictures. I got a new jean jacket. I discovered the beauty of NetGalley. I changed my name on Facebook to my given name (Elizabeth) I enjoyed the beginning of 2013. Happy happy happy.

A haiku to express my sorrow over not posting.
My dear follower,
I have not posted often.
I am quite sorry.

February 11, 2013

Book Review: Rosa's Land by Gilbert Morris

Lafayette Riordan, or “Faye,” as his family lovingly calls him, is tired of being known as the baby of the family. Always the weak one, Faye is ready to be a man. Only trained in art, he is brutally beat up while trying to be chivalrous. It is then he decides to lay down his paintbrush, and instead take up a gun. He proceeds to train himself to be a US Marshall, never realizing how much his life would change.
    I thought this book was unbelievably good. From the descriptions, to the characters, to the historical background, Gilbert Morris nailed it. As usual, Gilbert weaved historical fact effortlessly into this beautifully written novel. I am amazed at how much research he must do for his books. If you have ever read any of His books, you will know that it takes a few chapters to get into, but the end product is SO worth it! It is fantastic how great this book’s content was. I loved the characters, and I adore how Gilbert wrote out the salvation scene. Overall, I would recommend this book to ANYONE who enjoys the Wild West, Historical fiction, or a pure and sweet love story!


I received this book from the publisher in exchange for a review (via Netgalley)

Book Review: Unrivaled by Siri Mitchell

  Lucy Kendall is bound and determined to make the best candy the world has ever seen, or tasted. Finally home from a European tour, she is devastated to find out that her father has suffered a sudden illness, and therefore, his candy store is closing. She decides to make every effort to save her family’s shop, even if it means kicking and screaming to get her way.
     Charlie Clark finally has the chance to gain his father’s approval. An industry titan, his father has ruled the candy industry ever since Royal Taffy was put into his hands.
    I LOVED this book. Absolutely, one-hundred percent. I think this was a fantastically written book. I loved the way the characters were flawed, and imperfect. I think a lot of historical fiction tends to have flawless characters that are unrealistic at best.  Siri Mitchell has managed to grab my attention with the first chapter of this book. I loved that she wrote the book in such a way that the reader can easily relate to the characters. Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good historical romance book, and anyone who loves candy (which means everyone ;)

Thanks to Bethany House Publishers for letting me review this fantastic book!

Book Review: American Patriots by Rick Santorum

In this book, Rick Santorum shares the tales of patriots forgotten from our history books. However, these patriots were a monumental part of America's success in the revolutionary war. In a time of being tyrannized by a larger country, America's story is so awe-inspiring. Though the odd were stacked highly in England's favor, we still managed to win. In American history books today, we always highlight the most “popular” heroes,( i.e. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and  Patrick Henry) yet we forget that they didn’t  defeat England, or write the Declaration of Independence single-handedly.
I enjoyed this book overall. I loved how manageable this book was to read, because, let’s be honest, most Americans will run from anything remotely like a schoolbook. Each character was outlined in a short chapter, rather than it be a long, arduous read. I cannot think of anything I disliked. I always have loved biographies, and it was so nice to read so many at once. I absolutely loved the cover, it was simple, yet it perfectly portrayed the mood of the book. Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone who loves history, anyone who thrives off of adventurous tales, and everyone who is proud to be a citizen of this wonderful country.


Thanks to Tyndale publishers for letting me review this book.