July 24, 2010

Early Mornings, Trashcans, Squirrels,Arbors, and Spiders.

This morning I woke up at 6:30 to go and weed. That was the first problem. Just so you all know, only cool people weed at 6:30. Anyways, I was out under the spruce tree, working hard when I hear a sound. Not just any sound, like a mariachi band, or a singing frog. No, this was a special sound. It was the sound of trashcans being thrown to the ground. "Oh." I thought to myself,"It's probably our friendly neighborhood hobo again." Every week or so he comes around and knocks over our trashcans, ad looks for recyclables. Now, I know he's trying to save the earth, but I think in that case it should be the environmentalists knocking over the trashcans. Notice the last part of the word, "environMENTALIST" That pretty much explains my feelings on saving the trees.Don't listen to them they're all psycho. Back to my story. I was ducking down, hoping he wouldn't see me when a squirrel starts yelling at me. You may say, "Squirrels don't talk." but I believe they do. In fact, I speak squirrel. He was telling me to go weed a different part of the yard. So I decided to weed underneath the Arbor. I really don't know why they call it that. Why not, "the arch" or the "upside down half pipe" That would make a lot more sense. Seriously. Anywho, I waked right to the arbor, and I about walked into a spider web with a spider in it. Like an inch away. It was scary. Like, more scary than the fact that KJ52 turned 35 this year*sob* So I stepped away from the arbor, blew the spider and hoped he would fall down,(all the while the squirrel is still yelling at me) and I kept blowing, but it was to no avail. so instead I went inside and sorted laundry. This was not just any ordinary laundry, it was EXTRA-ordinary.


Christina Joy said...

Haha, that is so funny. Just to let you know, I speak mongoose. :)

Libbi said...

Haha you must teach me the ways of the mongoose :)