August 05, 2010


Heavenfest was super great! Besides about fainting from lack of water, it was pretty much amazing! WE started of the day at 11 a.m. in our church bus. We talked a bit, and a couple of us slept. we got there at 1 because of the enormous amount of traffic. We got in the line for tickets, and there we waited for the 2,000 people in front of us to get their tickets. We didn't really get to go to the first two bands. I did however, see the last song of the Kry. After that, We waited in line for EVER to get water. the guy in front of us had about 300 water bottles. not that I blame him. We then went to the comedy tent, where the comics were good, but not quite as good as I would've hoped. one of them said this, "The world's most ironic irony: It's hotter than hell at Heavenfest." I wish I could say I laughed, but I was to busy sweating my head off. We then headed to Group 1 Crew. I wish I could say I liked it. Actually, I didn't mind the show, it was the 30 minutes of KJ52's show they cut into that I disliked. After that it was...drum roll please..........KJ52!!!!!!!!! His show was AMAZING with a capital A and M and another A and Z and I and N and G! About 3/4 of the way through his show I went to Rachel and Uluese Faagutu's show. It was also AMAZING! After that, was the highlight of my day, I...Met... K...J...5...2...!!! Three Times! He even said I was super cool, because I went through his meet and greet line three times! Seriously awesome. After that, I took AbbySquared to Casting Crowns, and Abby to Trampoline Bungee Jumping. That was incredibly fun. I bought a GINORMOUS lemonade, got MARYMARY's autograph, and went home.
It was Awesome. I am definitely going next year!


Rose said...

It sounds like something I would have not liked. I hate doing anything in hot weather, however much fun is going to happen.

Libbi said...

Yes, most of the time I too hate hot weather, but my liking of KJ52's music overpowers the weather :)