September 26, 2010

If you are a food in my refridgerator...

"Oh no!” The foods in refrigerator groaned. Libbi had gone grocery shopping, which meant some of them would have to go to… the dumpster. The dumpster was the most dreaded place, when a food went there, it never came back. “Maybe she’ll get rid of stinky!” said the baby carrots. Stinky, the mashed potatoes that time forgot, replied in a weary voice, “I bet you’ll be singing a different tune in a few months, when you are all slimy.” The viscous chicken casserole, Carla, said with annoyance, “Give them a break stinky, you’re just bitter and old!” followed by a shrewd laugh. Stinky replied, “Well you’re not as young as you used to be either! Why are you taking their side?” “Yeah! Us older foods have to stick together!” the fried squash said with a southern accent. “While you two are not getting any younger and flaccid, I still feel spry and youthful!” defended the casserole. “That’s funny,” chortled Stinky, “You sure don’t look it!” Stinky and Frieda, the fried squash, broke into a guffawing fit.

“That was so funny, that I’m not laughing.” said Carla sarcastically. Then trying to make herself seem younger, she made fun of the decaying sour cream, “At least I don’t have a fungi clinging to me!” Mushy, as the sour cream was named, was hurt by this comment. After all, it wasn’t her fault a little blue thing liked her! Although Carla raged on about how grotesque Mushy was, Mushy said nothing to defend herself. “Cut it out Carla!” said Stinky, “She can’t help it!” Mushy wanted to grow legs and retreat from the scene. Finally, Stinky got Carla to say sorry.

“Here she comes!” said Stinky, Frieda, Carla, and Mushy unanimously. The pickles said disagreeably, “At least she won’t throw us away, we stay young forever!” “Be careful what you wish for!” said the elongated string cheese slowly, “Life in this refrigerator is boring, uninteresting, and dreary.” Libbi shoved her hand into the refrigerator, grabbed the lettuce, and threw it in boiling water for her tadpoles. “Good for him!” said Stinky, “He doesn’t have to be thrown out!” Next, She grabbed Stinky, “Goodbye everyone!” He said sadly, and without hope. But much to his surprise, she didn’t throw him into the trash can, since leftover potatoes make great potato pancakes! He was so jovial, that when he got in the pan, he did a flip! Next she grabbed Frieda, and instead of throwing her out, she heated her up in the microwave. He said to Frieda, “Good work! Neither of us will go to the dumpster!”

Libbi opened the refrigerator and grabbed the carrots. “Yuck!” she said to herself. Frieda and Stinky had failed to realize that the carrots had some mold in the bottom of their bag, and unlike the sour cream, it could not be scooped out. “No!” they shouted desperately as they were thrown into the trash bag. Then, much to their surprise, Libbi picked up Carla and threw her in the trash also. “Bless her lil heart!” said Frieda, “She never saw it coming.” “No one does.” Stinky replied sadly. “I guess you never can tell with casseroles and carrots!”Then from the recesses of the refrigerator, Stinky could faintly hear rejoicing as Mushy gleefully sang, “Oh Happy Day.”

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Rose said...

You are a good writer. I like how you use the characters. Good Job!!!