December 13, 2010

Cameo-ness :)

Cameo-ness :),
Cameo-ness :) by Libbi Heart featuring vintage style jewelry

I have a confession, Thanks to Camille from Forever Feminine (click here to go to her blog)
I am now completely obsessed with Polyvore. So much fun, because you can create amazing outfits! I espcially love the $1,500 trenchcoat, if only I had some spare money, Just kidding, but really...


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! I love it! I know, that coat is gorgeous! Don't worry, you're not alone...rememeber the prada bag I posted yesterday? That was ummmm *cough* $3000 *cough*. Don't you just love polyvore? lol!

Libbi H. said...

I adored a couple of the skirts but they are way to expensive. The most( though there are a few exceptions)I would ever spend on clothing is $50, and it would have to be made from solid gold haha. But 3000 dollars? Whoever bought that purse doesn't have siblings, or pets, or any more money haha!