December 27, 2010

Great Christmas!

Hello my funner followers! I hope you had as great of a Christmas as I did :) I know this is a coupledays lae, but better late than never! This will be my 45th post, (Yay!) I have something exciting happening on my 50th post :) Also, I have a fun week planned for The first week of January! You should DEFINITELY be here for that:)
     Like I said, my Christmas was great! I got and gave a ton of great gifts, but  have to say one of the best ones are the hot pink flats I got  these :) Aren't they wonderful?!?!?!
 :) Oh they are beautiful!
I also got a really cute knee length black ruffle skirt, ADORABLE! One of my favorite clothing items it a Teal swing top with leather spaghetti straps ( I always wear shirts like this with a tshirt underneath :) it is knee length ( I guess that makes it a dress lol :) Also, my grandparents got me a KJ52 hoodie. :)
I got 2 FUN board games :)  I got an incredible cable knit purse, and I got money ( always good!) and a Visa gift card( also good!) and a gift card to Forever 21 :)

How was your Christmas?



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Sophie said...

Ohmigoodness, those flats are ADORABLE. :) And I love Forever 21! I was hoping for a giftcard from there this Christmas! :)

Cute blog Libbi! I'm following now. :)