December 31, 2010

I Hereby Resolve...

I have quite a few new year's resolutions that I intend to keep! Here they are~To grow closer to Jesus~~ To make time EVERY day to worship, read my Bible, and do a devotional~~To wake up early in the morning, and not stay up as late ( i.e. go to bed at ten, wake up at about 6)~~To spend more time focusing on school~~To write in a journal EVERY night. Imagine a full 365 days in a book. Awesomeness~~To read more books~~ TO memorize more scripture( You should check out The Challenge 2011)~Finally, to post  more on my blog :)~ Those are pretty much my resolutions! I am {so} excited for the new year! In other news, I have 40 followers! 40! When did that happen! Yay! I wonder if I could end a sentence without  an exclamation point, hmm...This is my 49th post :D Yay!  Tomorrow will be my 50th post! You will {DEFINITELY} want to stick around for that :) See you soon!
Libbi H.


Birgit said...

I stumbled upon your blog by coincidence and liked it right away. And so do 39 more people. In other words - you deserve those 40 followers and I'm sure there are more to come!!

Like books?

Anonymous said...

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