December 30, 2010

A wish...

 Two thousand ten,
will come to a close,
it will be the end,
of two, one, and zeros.

If I could make,
a wish oh-so-sweet,
it wouldn't be cake,
or that sort of treat,

It would be for a baby,
unborn and small,
and then, just maybe,
It would be for them all!

Helpless they lie,
awaiting a choice,
silent they cry,
for they have no voice.

"They aren't a person!"
the doctors may say,
"They'll be like  a curse and,
think of how much you'll weigh!"

"The procedure is simple,
effective and cheap,
It's like popping a pimple,
we could do it in our sleep!"

My wish for all,
of the unborn lives,
 that they would soon crawl,
and they would not die.

To each and every one,
that a home would be given,
to see daughters and sons,
growing and living!

I pray for girls the same age as me,
who have made a mistake,
forgiven they'll be,
and then they'll awake!

They  would come to the one,
Who is gracious and kind!
God's only Son,
Who died for mankind!

I truly hope that my wish will come true,
But the only person who can help, is YOU!

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Mahina said...

This is so true and sweet! :)