January 09, 2011

In other news...

So much news to write about, it's hard to begin! I am going to use these things ~ Because I love them...
~I have 88 followers... Holey Swiss Cheese! That's 74 more than I had in November... Yes!
~I am turning 16 in about a month and a half! I have a {very ginormous} surprise for you all ;) I cannot wait!
~ I have a new blog signature! Lucia Designed it specially for me :) {check out her blog right here}
~I am {entirely} addicted to Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. I wish Sully was real... I would marry him...*sigh*
~Speaking of coffee, I {positively} love it! If you have read a couple of posts back, I'm 5'9". I am not really worried about "stunning" my growth...
Life is to Short not to wear red shoes is having an incedibly ginormous giveaway, you better check it out,
~ Wednesday will mark the first time in my youth group as the worship leader :)
~ Wednesday will also be the first Service with my new youth Pastor. Ordained last Sunday :)
~ My little sister Abby has started a blog, and I will be "guest" blogging on it with my favorite recipe, you should check it out here!
~ I won Feminine Fashion Week! Yay! I am super excited!
~ Make sure to enter my three giveaways before the 11th :)  
~ Don't forget to vote in my poll to the right ----------------------------> 
Hope you all had a great week!
 P.S. Thanks Lucia for my signature! I {absolutely} love it!


Erin Willett said...

I like the signature! Very cute, I think it suits you and your blog well :)

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Lucia Marie said...

You're very welcome for the signature! Congratulations on getting 88 followers..wow! :) And I love your list. :D