January 08, 2011

Major Blessing

I think there is something I should tell you all; I am 5'9". That is pretty tall if you haven't guessed. This means that if I wear high heels, I am 6'. That's really tall y'all. I have totally embraced my tallness, and I like the look of high heels {most of the time, though their are a few... interesting, pairs. } So I decided to go to a cheap shoe store that my younger sister buys high heels from all the time. So I went into the store, and found an adorable pair of black heels...that weren't in my size. Did I forget to mention I have size 10 1/2 to 11  feet? It makes a difference. Anyways, they only went up to a 9 in {all} the shoes, except one awfully terrible pair{ someone say blah}. So, I decided that since nowhere made high heels in my size, that I gave up, and would simply wear flats.

   Until today that is. My {awesome} cousin came over to my house, and brought me a bout a million {give or take about 999,990}  and she has big feet, and is tall... Like me! So I try them on and they all fit {flawlessly}! Which brings me to this post. I would like to share my joy with you all, so I took a few pictures of the shoes :)

Here they are:
 Can someone say awesome! I can. {Awesome}

 These these are heels{about 2 inches} Aren't they  splendifferous?

 If  you know me well, you will know how big of a deal these are to my. Oh.My.Lands.

 A {adore} the pattern on these. Adore.

 I love the wedge heel :)

 I {love} the rose etching on these

 She accidentally left the other one at her house, but isn't it fabulous!

Ok :) I think I am going to start putting a question at the end of my posts, Please answer :)
Do you wear heels?
Libbi H.


Alyssa said...

I'm 6'1" and wear size 11. I can never find cute shoes. It's so awful, I can't stand it!

Katie said...

You are so lucky to be tall!!! :) I'm 5'3 ish (give or take a little). I wear a size 8 1/2 or 9. I love love love wearing high heals!!! Especially when it make me as tall as my older sister and taller then my best friend (who is a little taller then me). I really like the first shoe's you showed! They are to cute!!! :)

StacieH said...

You are a light in a dark world my dear! I love you so much, and I am so proud of you! Keep on keeping on..Stand proud. God wants you tall..it is HIS perfect plan. besides..you can always reach things on the top shelf..nough said :)