February 28, 2011

10 Word Problems :)

 Try and figure them out. An example of how to solve one is:
The king of the jungle, the occultist, and the small traveling closet= The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe :) The answers are on the bottom.

A Miniature Female Royalty   
Traveler’s Advancement
The Rain Forest Manuscript
The Noise of Melodies
The Durable Immature Males
Emerald Embryos and Canadian Bacon
The Square container automobile kids
Charcoal Loveliness
Boastfulness and bigotry
Small Dwelling within a plain

A Little Princess
Pilgrim’s Progress
The Jungle Book
The Sound of Music
The Hardy Boys
Green eggs and Ham
Black Beauty
The Boxcar Children
Pride and Prejudice 
Little House on the prairie



Katie said...

My mom, 2 of my sisters, and I just went through and did those! We loved them! Thanks for posting them. What fun!!! :)

Michelle said...

what fun! i'll have to try these!

Angelia said...

These are so fun! I would never have gotten The Durable Immature Males!