April 30, 2011

Book Review: The Elemental Journal by Tammy Kushnir

     Do you like to do crafts? I sure do. This book contains over 15 uniquely designed crafts, with incredibly easy to understand instructions. Are you Eco-conscious? This book is for you too! Barely any of the craft supplies used are new. Many are used from a  thrift store, your backyard, or even you house! This book helps you find a new way to use everything from polaroid photos to old towels! This book is perfect for a liberal, Eco-conscious girl. While it contains some beautiful bohemian crafts, it also contains a few odd crafts such as "Graven" and a couple other peculiarities, it contains some wonderfully lovely home decoracions.
     What did I think of it? I thought it was beautifully designed, with some stunning pictures! With a lovely bohohemian/vintage look to all of the crafts, except for a couple which I believed were somewhat, eerie. The entire book, though beautiful, was not quite what I expected. It had a grave, solemn atmosphere to it. I didn't enjoy the amount of, earth-worship if you will. I have come to expect a bit more from Tommy Nelson. Some of the supplies are a tad harder to find anywhere, but it sincerely depends on your necessites and quality value. Overall, I did find it a strikingly designed manuscript, with only minimal dislike.
P.S. Tommy Nelson gave me this free book to review, regardless of my disposition on the book :)

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