May 07, 2011

Algebra 2, the challenge, peep addictions, and life.

So my dear blogging blog followers, I have not posted for a while. I just finished US Government, now I need to finish Algebra 2. I would rather drink lava. I honestly see no purpose in it other then to
severely hurt strengthen your brain. After this semester though, I will be DONE! Haha, for the summer. Actually, the reading is not stopping on June 1st, because I am doing, The Challenge! What is this Challenge you might ask? Well it is where a bunch of young people are trying to read the most books and memorize the most scriptures in one year. We all started on January 1st, but if you want more information, or would like to join, make sure to leave a comment here. My peep addiction. I can literally sit down with 12 and eat them all within 5 minutes. It is not a bad thing to be addicted to like. I will definitely be posting more, except next week, starting Thurday, I will be CRAZY busy. Here's my schedule:
Friday Six Flags: 8- about 8
Saturday: Teens Write Conference: 10-6
SUnday: Graduation party for 2 siblings
Monday: Alive at 25

And then the next weekend is even busier! I am attending about a billion more parties! Lol :)

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