July 20, 2011

Book Review: Love Food and Live Well - by Chantel Hobbs

      You don't have to be ashamed of it! You can eat that piece of chocolate! You can devour that peanut-butter parfait! Sound like a dream come true?It is! In this Chantel Hobbs book, prepare to be amazed! This is not a stereotypical diet book, rather it is a lifestyle book, teaching it's readers to love food, love exercise, and overall, love life! With a likable personality, down-to-earth stories, and massive amounts of encouragement, Chantel makes this book a must read!
    This was a super-fantastic book. With helpful and encouraging tips, guidelines, and suggestions, Chantel really outdid herself, this book was one of better I have read, because she is not one of those people who frantically tell you the evils of sugar, or MSG, or this or that. Rather, she has the perfect view of food, as a gift from God to be savored every day, with special treats to look forward to every now and then. I would recommend this book to anyone who is in there early teens or older, because she is showing how to create a happy life, she doesn't slam people for eating food, or for sneaking a chocolate chip cookie. In fact, she shares her inspiring testimony about overcoming her addiction to food. Overall, this was a great book, and I hope you will read it!

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