July 20, 2011

{NO SUBJECT} {Except for the apologies for not posting and the other apologies for the lack of posts and a sneak peek of something....}

My dearest blog followers,

     I have come back from my wonderful vacation, and I had a fantastic time! {Picture post coming soon :)}I am also going to start posting more regularly, and without so much space in between posts :) My 1 year Blogaversary is on SATURDAY! I am super excited! I also have taken about 76% of my Senior pictures :) Class of 2012 baby! (Pictures post coming soon as well :) I have a question for all of you, What type of posts do you like in a blog? Topical, Giveaways, Worldview, Fashion, Reviews, what kind do you like? And lastly, a sneak peak of my senior pictures....

Did you see it? Of course you didn't silly! You have to be patient until the end of the week :)
The REAL Libbi H.

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Sierra said...

I'm glad you had fun and I ma looking forward to pictures! I like random, pictures, fashion post, reviews(your reviews are very good!) and giveaways. Happy Almost Blogaversary! Sierra
Keep Growing Beautiful♥