July 24, 2011

Washington Family Vacation 2011

As I let you all know earlier, my family took a wonderful vacation to Washington. We stayed in a hotel two nights, my uncle's for 1 night, and a house on the beach for three entire days! Here are some of the pictures ( my mom took over 1200 :)

                {On the Pier in Seattle}

{At the Crab Pot}
 {On the way to Pt. Angeles via the ferry!}
 {On the one[very little] dune that separated our house from the beach, my mom is taking the picture}
 {The long kelp :) }
{On our evening walk}
{Playing in the water }
{My sister's birthday dinner of fresh salmon, wild rice, and zucchini and squash}
 {My youngest sister Shiloh at the tide pools :)}
{My five year old sister Ellie after chasing seagulls :) }
{Two of the *many* starfish we found at Salt Creek}
{The four of us standing on the railing of our beach home}

One of the coolest thing about the house we stayed in was that all of the railings were made out of driftwood, very very cool.

See you all tomorrow! Enjoy the last of your weekend!

Libbi H.


Sierra said...

Wow that was an awesome vacation!It looks so gorgeous there and I love that picture of your sister chasing seagulls.Your sisters are so cute!!!And those starfish are huge!
Keep Growing Beautiful♥

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun Libby:) I am glad you and your family had a good time. The pictures are way to cute your sisters look alot like you:)

In Christ,