September 08, 2011

Book Review: A River to Cross by Yvonne Harris

     After the death of her first husband, Elizabeth Evans has vowed that she would never marry an "army man" again. She couldn't bear  the pain. But when she is kidnapped by some rogue Spanish men, she is immediately taken by the handsome Jake Nelson, her rescuer. Throughout the next two weeks, Elizabeth and Jake find their mutual attraction somewhat disarming. As they spend time together, while they are taking Elizabeth back to a safe location, they begin to fall in love. Unfortunately the same men who had kidnapped Elizabeth are still on the hunt for her, and Jake has a feeling that they won't stop until Elizabeth is dead.
     I though this book was very well written, with great descriptions of everything from the terrain, to the way people looked, to the way they spoke, and such detail is important in a story such as this one. One of the only bad things was that I am not sure of the historical accuracy of a few of the things mentioned HOWEVER I am no history major by any means, and I could be completely wrong! I would recommend this book to those in highschool and up, and I sincerely hope you will buy it!
Libbi H.

Bethany House Publishers gave me this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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Sierra said...

Ooh this one looks really good! I've been meaning to sign up with Bethany House. They have a lot of yummy books :) And I like yummy books!!!!!!! And the cover is so gorgeous too :) Sierra
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