September 28, 2011

Intro / 25 Things To Do This Fall

Hello everyone! As you may know, Libbi is currently fasting (which is really amazing if I do say so myself!), and I'll be your guest blogger while she is gone. My name is Grace, and you can read my blog here:  (My blog is about life, Christ, and other stuff! Hope you stop by sometime, see you there!)

25 Fun Things To Do This Fall:
1. Play in the rain. By experience, I know it's really fun!

2. Sew linen napkins for Thanksgiving & Christmas. (I will possibly be doing this, find some cute patterns for linen napkins and other adorable things here)

3. Make a pile of leaves, and jump in it. Just because you can. :)

4. Make homemade hot cocoa, here's my favorite recipe!

5. Decorate your Christmas tree. (We do it either the week before Thanksgiving or the Saturday after. Although, I strongly believe it would be so fun to put it up in August!)

6. Apple picking.

7. Get a pumpkin spice latte from your local coffee shop.

8. Compliment someone.

9. Try something new. (i.e. Eating squid, going on a roller coaster, putting a drop of ghost pepper hot sauce on your food and actually eating it. <-- Yes, I tried that the other night.)

10. Do something crafty. (I'll be posting some crafts soon!)

11. On Thanksgiving, make a super cute table setting.

12. Sing your favorite song, outside, at the top of your lungs.

13. Make a homemade pumpkin cake, with homemade pumpkin frosting. (Yes, ladies, I did say homemade! Not from preservative-induced box or container!)

14. Marvel at the beauty of fall, and all the pretty colors.

15. Light a candle and read "The Lost Art Of True Beauty" by Leslie Ludy, while drinking your delicious homemade hot cocoa.

16. Watch "The Candy Cane Story" movie, it's wonderful.

17. Make a commitment for life that is out of the "normal" of society, (i.e. Saving first kiss for marriage, go through Christian courtship instead of dating every guy you meet.)

18. Decorate your bedroom and try to give it that "homey" feel.

19. Write a letter to someone that you'd normally email.

20. Dig deeper into God's word more than ever before.

21. Ask about someone's life story.

22. Email me at, telling me about anything you accomplished on this list.

23. Talk to an old friend.

24. Set a goal, and do it!

25. Start writing a novel for the fun of it. (Who knows, it could be published someday!)

Sincerely, Grace from Smile... Just. Smile.


Rebekah Brielle said...

I love to play in the rain, and I love thunder showers!
I don't think I could write a novel though. I write poetry instead :)
Nice post Grace. I'm heading over to check out your blog!

Anonymous said...

Poetry is just as good! :)
Thanks for reading!