November 13, 2011

Fall Fashion Week 2011: {catchup} Day 4 "Favorite Era"

Well, my favorite era is the 70s...The 1870s that is! Unfortunately, try as I may to come up with an "'1870s" outfit, I could not. SO I decided to try the 1970s, which, while I do not like a lot of the morals or thinking of that time, they had a lot of flowy-ish clothes, which I do like! So here is my outfit!

{Mumu: Thrifted{{ Made in Hawaii!}} { Headband: Garage Sale earlier this summer} {My lovely birks: Also a garage sale}
Anyone who thinks my outfit is a little to cold for fall oughta move to Colorado...We here are tough folk... :)
{See that paint? Yeah. That's from painting for the past 3 days... haha}
Libbi H.

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