December 13, 2011

Makeup for 12 days of Fashion Christmas, Days 3-12 (give or take ;)

Ok, so I have been wearing all these super cute outfits, and forgetting to put pictures up! So here is my makeup post...

Day 3: Wear a hat

{Pants:Target, I have to wear these for a dance/drama program at my church, one of my favorite pairs! Shirt: Oldnavy Jacket:kohls Hat: gift Shoes: gift}
I just found a hat my cousin had crocheted for me a few years back, so I wore that!

Day 5: Free day! :)

Day 6: Wear a Skirt
My mom bought my the above cardi{Dillards}, and you can wear it as a vest or as a cowl scarfed vest! :)
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Cato
Shirt: Gift

Day 7: Share a picture of your Christmas tree

 Here is a picture of {most of ;)} our Christmas tree, along with my little sister :)
Day 8: Wear a  scarf! :)

{Shoes:Target/Tights:OldNavy/Scarf:claires/Dress:thrifted/shirt: OldNavy}

Day9: Share your Favorite holiday Recipe:
{Shirt:Cato/Gauchos:OldNavy/SHoes:Maurices/ Jacket: Kohls}

Day 11: Sunday best!This Sunday I was working in preschool, so I had to wear something I could run around in and not become immodest :)
{Dress: Ross/ SHoes: Maurices/ Legwarmers: claires}
Day 12: Red and Green!

{Favorite Ornament I promised to post on day 1 :)

Dress: Target/earrings:Avon/Shirt:Kohls/ Scarf:gift/Bracelet:Avon/ Shoes:Gift {from target I think}

Well that's all the days I did! I had a bunch of fun!

Libbi H.

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Katelyn said...

Such cute outfits, Libbi!! :)