December 02, 2011

Mom ♥

10 things I appreciate about my mom....
  • She is always honest, and always loving in her honesty
  • She lets me use her camera to take lots and lots of pictures
  • She gave birth to me...Fairly important
  • She raised me to know God
  • She has homeschooled me from kindergarten through my senior year {this year}
  • She has helped me when I needed advice
  • She is very patient with me and my ramblings
  • She has always told me and my sisters to be best friends, which has really paid off this past year!
  •  She is really patient with me in getting my license, which may not seem like a big deal to you, but for me, that is huge!
  • She loves Jesus!

1 comment:

Sierra said...

Sounds like a great mom :) very sweet post. Sierra
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