January 21, 2012

Book Review: Accused by Janice Cantore

After a cop involved shooting, Detective Carly Edwards is forced to work a boring desk job in juvenile, rather than working in patrol where she formerly was stationed. That is, until she is requested by a suspect in the murder of the mayor of Las Playas, the town in which Carly works. When she tries to investigate the truth behind the murder, she is cut off from all sides. Feeling the suspects are both innocent, Carly decided to investigate further. Along the way, she is growing close to her ex-husband, even though he had cheated on her after 8 years of marriage. When Carly uncovers the truth, the corruption runs deeper than anyone ever though possible.

I liked: The plot. What a great mystery. It was definitely a suspenseful read from the first chapter. I decide if I think a book is worth reading in the the first five chapters. I decided this book was worth reading in the first two. I loved the interwoven story of Carly falling in love with her husband, for the second time. I also loved her reluctance to believe in God in the beginning turning into a belief in God.

I disliked: some of the doctrine, but really, doctrine is one of those thing in the Christian belief that people will never change unless God tells them to. Otherwise, fighting over doctrine will do nothing for anyone. Also, one of the characters I liked died, but it was ok. 

Overall: Buy this book for a great, suspenseful read, full of intrigue and faith. I would recommend it to anyone who likes mysteries. It is about a murder, so it is not for young readers.  I definitely give this book a five star rating. Hope you enjoy this book!

Libbi H.

This book was given to me for free for this review by Tyndale House Publishers. Thanks!

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