July 15, 2012

Book Review: Arms of Love by Kelly Long

Lena Yoder has loved Adam Wyse her entire life. Therefore, it is a huge blow when he suddenly breaks off their long-lived relationship.  She struggles with his unidentified need to fight; to kill even. For the peaceful Amish, fighting is never an option, only forgiveness. Lena is struggling through many trials, and Adam leaving her is not helping. Through a succession of unfortunate happenings, and small glimpses of joy, Lena has to decide if God is for her, or if she is alone.
I liked:
  • The heritage. Having read many modern-day Amish tales, it was interesting to read one in such a unique time.
  • The time frame. I have never thought about there being Amish people during the Revolutionary War, but it added a very unique plot to the books.
  • A scene towards the end. I won’t give any spoilers, but it has to do with praying for the sick, and them recovering. SO powerful
I disliked:
  • The sorrow. The entire book had a heavy oppressiveness hanging over it. It wasn’t until the  last page it was happy. *note* The Author DID say she didn’t plan for the book to be a happy one, just one explaining the terrors of life as an Amish person in the 1700s. I just like happy books, and I hadn’t seen the author’s note until the book was over.
  • The PG-13 sections. Surprisingly, for a historical book, this book was EXTREMELY incomfortable for me to read at some parts.
While I did enjoy certain aspects of this book, I would only recommend it to people who are fine with reading a lot of sadness.
This e-book was given to me in exchange for a free review.

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