July 03, 2012

joy unspeakable.

Isn't she sweet? I was taking pictures of my cousin, my sister Abby, and my sister Ellie (above) I said something funny, and she started laughing. Every time I see this picture, my heart smiles.

lucia, etc.


Emma Jane said...

I Love this picture! The front-toothless smile is adorable!

Emma Jane said...

Love this photo! The Front-toothless smile is ADORABLE! Did I send this already? If I did you don't have to publish it :) I'm forgetful!

Monica Renee' Sheely said...

awe... this is so precious! :)

Kiara said...

That is sooo cute!! good luck in the contest!!

AmieAnn said...

What a beautiful picture! I just love your blog and am always looking for my next GREAT read.. you have wonderful insight and I am totally impressed that you are only 17!
Thanks for joining in the under 300 followers blog hop.. I am your newest follower~
Amie @ Pinkapotamus

Anna Gray said...

What a precious, snaggley toothed gal! She is way cute and you captured her emotions wonderfully.