July 13, 2012


So. One of the blogger tips I have read constantly is to not talk about when you don't write posts for a while. Seriously. I have been half-MIA. I have been writing a lot of book reviews lately, but real posts? Yeah. So, in another attempt to better my blogging dependability, I have decided on the goal I have for my blog.
That's right.
I am not always the most decisive person, and sometimes, I see other people's blogs and I am floored by how much I love them. And how beautiful they are. Seriously.
So what is my goal?
Basically, my goal is to enjoy life, and help everyone else to enjoy it too. My new  motto for the blog?
Rejoice. Choose Joy. Be Happy. 
Pretty catchy, right?
Yeah, basically stayed up until midnight a week ago redesigning the blog's exterior and interior. So awesome peoples, check out my manifesto, why funner, and favorites pages. (Just a note, I felt like a rockstar when I figured out how to map images. Seriously.)
I am not perfect (obviously ;) so I cannot promise a post on certain days, but I will promise that my post will be funny. Or happy. Or a book review(Especially promising book reviews! :)
I will have a post up in the next few day about the past couple of months, and any news. Until then, check out my awesome image mapping SKILLS, and stand in awe that I decided on a purple and orange color scheme.
Boo Ya.
(this picture basically is my favorite in the world)

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Grace ♥ said...

I'm looking forward to reading! I always love your posts. :D

By the way... love that picture! :)