August 25, 2012

Well. My apologies. And News.

Well. I don't think I have a non-book-related post since April. Sheesh. Sorry about that. I am definitely going to work on that. In other news, my life has been go-go-go non-stop since graduation. Now, I'll clue everyone in on what was going on during my blogging siesta (And what is going to happen in the next couple of months)

  • Graduation/Graduation Party. Graduation went well, no mishaps, my dress worked perfectly!

(Photos courtesy of Carrie Pitzl)

    • I have had such a great time living in the country; we have lived here for almost a year now! How time does fly!
    • I have been taking pictures like, nonstop. I'm serious. A few of my favorites from the summer are:
{Our new neighbors}
  • I. Am. Going. To. Alaska!
    I am leaving in mid September for 10 days! Yay!
  • I did two photoshoots! I did one set of family pictures, and one set of engagement pictures, which brings me to the next part of my news...
  • I get to  be a maid of honor! I am so excited.

    And now, for news that involves YOU.
  • I want to start doing a weekly fashion post. So that's what I am going to do on Sundays. Given, I am not the most consistent person, but I am going to try really hard! ;)
  • Enter in my giveaway!

Well, this has definitely been a picture and word laden post! I am going to do this more often so that there are less words! :)

Libbi H.

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