September 09, 2012

What I Wore + News

So. I really was planning on posting pictures of my outfit today, because I really liked it. But instead we went swimming after church, and I really didn't feel like taking pictures! Anyways. This week, you can expect two things: A book review on Tuesday, and me leaving on Friday. I will be gone the 14th-24th, so I would love to have 5-8 guest posters. Email me a post about your favorite vacation, along with a paragraph about yourself/your blog (hey, any publicity is a good thing!), and I will schedule the posts while I am gone :) libbilogs(at)gmail(dot)com. If you have pictures from your favorite vacation, attach them to the post and I will stick 'em in. Anyways. Hope you had a great Sunday!
Libbi H.

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