November 26, 2012

Book Review: Every Perfect Gift by Dorothy Love

Sophie Caldwell returns to Hickory Ridge with one purpose: her newspaper, The Gazette, to be successful.  Returning is easier than she could have hoped, despite her sorrowful memories. Ethan Heyward is the successful contractor for Blue Smoke, Hickory Ridge’s new resort. When Sophie and Ethan begin to fall for one another, it becomes harder and harder to unveil their past secrets. Will the truth ever be uncovered?
I liked:

  • The plot. It was different from what I expected it to be. It had enough suspense to keep you turning the page, yet it gave enough away to where you were hungry for more.
  • The character development. The author definitely knows how to bring a character’s past into the story. She would drop little tidbits into the story to help readers sympathize with the characters.
  • The cover. Again, I am a sucker for beautiful covers. This cover, although somewhat monotone, was quite lovely in it’s simplicity.

I disliked:

  • The somewhat predictable turn of events. Although not highly predictable, there were definitely aspects that I saw before they happened.

Content inappropriate for those under 13:

  • None. I don’t know that a thirteen year old would enjoy the story, but they could read it unscathed.

Overall, I would suggest this book to anyone ages 13 and older, even younger depending on their genre preference. This was a well-written book that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Thomas Nelson gave me this book in exchange for a review.


Jennifer R said...

Sounds like a good book!!

Kaylee Jane said...

this book sounds awesome! i'm gonna have to go read it now XD