January 03, 2013

Fiction Friday: A Change of Fortune by Jen Turano

Lady Eliza Summer is on a quest for justice. Disguised as a governess, she is determined to find the man who stole her fortune when her father died. She seems to be making progress when she has a major setback, and is forced to become the governess for Mr. Hamilton Beckett’s two unruly children. When she begins to fall for Mr. Beckett, she has to choose whether to pursue her fortune, or his affection.

        This was a great book. With much more suspense than I was expecting, as well as a beautiful love story woven throughout, I believe this book is a great example of Christian historical romance. I love when there is a completely pure romance in a book, and, unfortunately, that is much too rare in today’s society.  
     The character development in this book is phenomenal to say the least. The author certainly knows how to create a unique character. Also, what a beautiful cover, I love it!
    The only thing questionable for ages 13 and under is violence. Personally, I did not feel uncomfortable at all, and Jen Turano does a great job at not making it graphic. That said, there is a murder, and depending on your personal standards, you could be squeamish about that.
     Overall, I found this book to be fantastic, a great use of my time.  If you are looking for a well-written book, then make sure to buy this one!

This book was given to me by the publisher in exchange for a free review

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Diane Estrella said...

I also reviewed this book and loved it. Happy New Year!

Diane :O)