February 24, 2013

Hiking, guitars, and a haiku.

So, my dear followers, I have been MIA for almost a month. And I am very sorry. Life has been CRAZY. Seriously. What happened during my unannounced hiatus? I am glad you asked.

 I became an adult. I started online classes. I sent off my best friend to college. I hiked the Pawnee buttes with my puppies.I learned to play guitar. I got a guitar (this one). I got a promotion at work. I rearranged my room. I cleaned out my closet. I got bangs. I started drinking tea everyday. I drove in the snow. I went and saw Tim Hawkins in concert. I went to Dare 2 share. I read eight books. I got an Instagram. I entered two book giveaways. I got a new dress from eShakti (review to come!). I ate Tilapia twice. I started using sulfate free shampoo. I got snowed in at my granparents house (which was fantastic). I took 15 Sunset pictures. I got a new jean jacket. I discovered the beauty of NetGalley. I changed my name on Facebook to my given name (Elizabeth) I enjoyed the beginning of 2013. Happy happy happy.

A haiku to express my sorrow over not posting.
My dear follower,
I have not posted often.
I am quite sorry.

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Katelyn said...

What an adorable picture, Libbi!! Looking forward to more blog posts. :)