May 11, 2017


     Wow. That's all I have to say about the past 3 years. Are you wondering where I've been? I'm not nearly conceited enough to think that my absence been thought about. Nonetheless, I'm back, and thrilled to be here on the old blog once again.
      I bet you are wondering why on earth I stopped blogging. I bet you have just been treading water for month, hoping I will start writing book reviews again. Therefore, I shall give you what you are longing for, a full explanation on my whereabouts this past couple of years.
     First things first, I went to a Bible college. For 2 1/2 incredible years, I studied theology, took voice lesson, furthered my piano playing abilities, and met many incredible people at the International House of Prayer University. Between reading school books, taking tests,
hanging out with friends, and going to classes, I rapidly abandoned all hobbies. Blogging was the first activity to be cut out: when you're writing so many papers, extra-curricular writing is no longer fun.
      You may be wondering, "Gee Libby, why the heck did you do 2 1/2 years? That's a really weird number!" My dear friend, you are correct. No one does just 2 1/2 years. Except me. For I am unique, and something more important came up... I'm MARRIED!

I am celebrating 5 months in June of being married to this fantastic man! Now, I am here in Minnesota for him to attend college and seminary. I am so blessed. God has been so faithful to me, and I can't wait to see what He has planned!

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