January 15, 2011

Hello Blog World!

      Hello! How are you all today? I just realized I haven't posted in a few days, and then I remembered why. Don't get the Stomach Flu. Please. Just trust me on this one.
 On a happier note, I no longer have the stomach flu. And I can' wait to surprise you guys in February. But since it is still January, I am going to show you what I would buy if the government gave me 10 billion dollars ( of course, I would donate and save some of it, but otherwise )

I would buy these:

Oh.My.Lands, it's a pencil that goes on your foot...Only 97.99...
I would also buy these:
 Holey Swiss Cheese. And they only have 5 left { in my size}. sigh... {only} 57.99

Anyways. I have plenty of shoes, I really don't need any more, Although...

That post was much shorter than I planned.  Maybe I'll post more later :)

Libbi H.


Alyssa said...

I love the second pair of shoes... peacocks are my favorite animal. The shoes are adorable!

JennyD. said...

Wow. They shoes are cool. The Pencil ones are super CUTE!!!

Rose said...

I should get the pencil shoes for CHESS. I wonder what people would think if I walked in with them on....hmmmm.

The Peacock ones are nice also.
See ya Next week.

Libbi H. said...

Yeah, it would be hilarious to wear them to CHESS. That would be awesome :)

Rose said...

I think people would begin wonder if I was very dedicated to school. (As if my serious face and bag full of books doesn't tell a person that. It's as if "I am just destined to be a old school teacher" is written across my forehead). HEHE

mahina said...

The peacock ones are fabulous! Happy you're better! :)