January 19, 2011

This? or That? I was tagged :)


Blush or Bronzer - I don't use either,{usually, though I sometimes do} Bronzer :)
Lip gloss or Lip stick - Lipgloss
Eyeliner or Mascara - Eye like both :) But espesially the yellow and purple colossal volum by Maybelline
Foundation or Concealer - I don't ever use them... I guess concealer?
Neutral or Color eyeshadow - Depends on the day, usually neautralish...but occasionally not.

Loose or Pressed eyeshadow - Pressed

Brushes or Sponges - Brushes


OPI or China Glaze - China Glaze :)
Long or Short - Short :(
Acrylic or Natural - Natural

Brights or Darks - Brights :)


Perfume or Body splash - I have a bunch of fruity perfumes, like coconut and watermelon and strawberry, so they are more of a body splash...
Lotion or Body butter - Body butter

Body wash or Soap - Body Wash :)
Lush or other bath company - I don't really know lush.... I guess Bath and body works, I don't really know.


Jeans or Sweat pants - Sweats :)
Long sleeve or Short - Short

Dresses or Skirts - Too Hard! I think dresses, with leggings is my favorite outfit :)
Stripes or Plaid - Stripes

Flip-flops or Sandals -Flip-flops

Scarves or Hats - Scarves

Studs or Dangle earrings - Dangle
Necklaces or Bracelets - Necklaces

Heels or Flats - Flats, but I do have one pair of exeptioonal heels...I am 5'9" so I don't wear them much haha
Cowboy boots or Riding boots -I guess cowboy.)

Jacket or Hoodie - Hoodie


Curly or Straight -Curly
Bun or Ponytail -{Messy} Ponytail
Bobby pins or Butterfly clips - Bobby pins

Hair spray or Hair gel - Hair spray, but I like mousse the most :)

Long or Short - Long

Light or Dark - I have in betweenish hair
Side swept bangs or Full bangs - Side sweptish, I don't have bangs

Up or Down - Down


Rain or Shine: Rain :) Rain rain please stay, i want to have you every day!
Summer or Winter - Summer for activities, but winter for clothes :)

Autumn or Spring - Spring :)
Chocolate or Vanilla - Chocolate

I tag....All of you! Let me know if you post :)

Sincerely ( which means without wax.... I will post about that sometime)