January 19, 2011

The Truth About Dating Love & Just Being Friends...and how NOT to be MISERABLE as a TEENAGER because life is short, and seriously things don't MAGICALLY get BETTER after high school and lots of other important stuff, but we'll get to that later... by Chad Eastham

 This book is in my top 50 {saying a lot, considering the books I've read}
Check that, it is n my top 15. This book helps teenagers like me with a lot of that mushy love stuff. Mix that with Chad Eastham's quick wit and hilarious analogies, and you have a great book. This book conveys the main topics of what dating is, dumb dating mistakes that smart people make, tips for what to look for on a date, how it is really a good thing to be "just friends" How to be happy, how you can make your life miserable, and my favorite chapter, "The problem with falling in love with mythical creatures." It has some great information. What do guys want? What do girls want? Why are girls so emotional? Why would a vampire make a bad boyfriend? He answers all these questions among many others, and he does so with a comedic viewpoint along with that of an inspired Christian.

I really liked that Chad was a Christian, and this made his views very similar to mine. He also was not super pushy, and said that dating was not the best when you are in high school. My favorite chapter, "The problem with falling in love with mythical creatures" focused a lot on why people {girls especially} seem to fall in love with seemingly creepy figures. There were parts of the book I {literally} laughed out loud. My mom would look over from the computer and stare at me. I won't spoil it for you, but he gives the scenario of a vampire asking out a girl. Oh.my.lands. Funniest thing ever.

I highly encourage anyone looking for a good read to read this.

P.S. Booksneeze provided me with a free copy to review, they did not ask that I write a positive review and the opinions are only my own :)


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