March 09, 2011

The Bridge of Peace by Cindy Woodsmall

   This book centers around four people: Lena, Deborah, Grey, and Cara. All of them are taking  life's problem's one at a time. Lena, the Amish schoolteacher, has to deal with a birthmark on her face, and her rejection from both Grey and the School-board. Deborah has to try and rid herself of grievances against her fiance, who abandoned her. Cara tries so hard to fit in to the foreign Amish culture, and always feels that she can't do enough right. Grey struggles with a marriage filled with hurt, loneliness, and miserableness, yet tries to act as if nothing is wrong. Climaxing when Lena's life is in danger, this book's plot is somewhat predictable, but still written well.
    I enjoyed the book quite thoroughly, except for an occasional hear-shattering part. This book enlightens readers to a new view of the strict Amish community, and also, it causes you to fall in love with the Amish. I have always enjoyed books about the Amish, and I think this one turned out well. The resolution was a happy one, which is EXTREMELY important to me. One thing the author did that impressed me, was that she made sure not to make beloved characters die, even though a few others do. There was rarely a dull moment, and the captivating plot keeps one awake long hours into the night. I overall enjoyed this book, and I certainly hope you will go and buy it, because it is a GREAT book!

P.S. Waterbrook Publishing sent a a free copy to me so I would give an Honest{ The good the bad and the ugly} review.

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Mary said...

Haha! I love to read reviews of these Amish books. They aren't to much like real Amish lives are like, but they are enjoyable.:) God bless~