March 04, 2011

Handmade Hugs Review!

Hello my forever fashionable funner followers!  I was recently contacted by Ms. Angelia, and she asked if I would be willing to do a review! After a quick stop to her super-cute shop, how could I resist?

She has some stunning items, and they are all at a very reasonable price! She has lovely scarves, jewelry, and some unique tea bag clips, {click on the picture to see her wonderful shop!}
She asked me my favorite color{which is pink, in case you wondered :) }and she sent me these lovelies!
 Isn't it lovely? the pictures don't really do it justice! This lovely hot-pink ring came in a cute silver package, along with it's matching earrings, and she sent me 3 pink pearl bracelets! :) I will post all the pictures and then give the review :)

{My hand looks really big here, It's not lol :)
I then told my 1 1/2 year old sister to model for me :)

She didn't want to give it back :) But she did, the power of cookies...
Overall I loved Handmade Hugs! I think that Handmade Hugs has very reasonable prices on their items, and some very cute and unique items. when I received the package, ALL of my sisters were jealous :) The bracelets were beautiful, and the clasp was super easy to hook in, that was really nice! I have recently been in love with pearls, so the pink pearls on the bracelets added onto the stunning-ness :) The earrings were a perfect length: not too short, and not too long! :) The fact that they matched the ring also made them even more awesome awesomer! The ring, was amazing. I love rings; and even though I have the most peculiarly sized fingers ever, the ring fit me perfectly! And the ring is so much more fun funner then the others I have! I think that everyone looking for super cute, unique, jewelry and great prices should definitely look through Handmade Hugs, and I think you should DEFINITELY buy something ! If you do, then you absolutely rock!


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Angelia said...

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked the items I sent!