April 09, 2011

Blog Award!

I was given a fantastic blog award, from Rose of "Through My Eyes"!

Anyway, to accept this award, I have to:
~Tell seven things about yourself

7 things:
1. I am pretty sure I know which college I'm going to.
2. I will be graduating a year early, because I did my 8th and 9th Grade years in one year
3. I have won too many blog giveaways to count. At least 20, most likely more.
4.I have only read Pride and Prejudice once
5. I am averaging 105% in one of my classes.
6. I am going to be a senior in highschool THIS fall!
7. My favorite number is 7, because it is a good number :)

I'm going to pass this award on to some of the blogs that I love to read and find inspirational:

Abby from Follow God {Every Day}
Elaine from Kissed By Jesus
Abby from Scampified
Natasha from What I wear, What I did, and Why I did it.

To accept this award, just head over to your blog and say you accept it, as well as write 7 things about you!
Also, pass the award on to other bloggers that have inspired you, and be sure to tell them that you have awarded them!

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