May 19, 2011

Book Review: Radical by David Platt

     What would you do if I told you that in this day and age, many Christians aren't taking God's word with it's literal meaning? What would you do if Jesus asked you to sell everything you had and give the money to the poor. Would you do it? Or would you join thousands of other Christians in this misinterpreted version of the Bible? David Platt explores just that in this two-hundred and seventeen page book. He uses examples of Christians around the world who are suffering for Christ; and they are suffering more than just by unkind words. If you are a Christian who wants an amp on your Christian life, then this book is for you.
     As a book that was written by a, well, radical human being, this book challenges me to examine the scriptures for myself, and to take their meaning literally. This book completely turns the average person's idea of the "American Dream" upside down (Hence the upside down house on the cover. Don't feel bad,  I thought it was a mask too:).One of the questions I had while reading it though was, "What would happen if every Christian in America did everything in this book?" It would most likely change the face of the earth. However, I must say that I do not agree doctrinally with everything he says, though I won't go into detail.  Overall, with this books useful tips and convicting message, I think it is a good book, despite the few doctrinal errors.

Make sure to read the first chapter here.

Waterbrook Multonomah gave me a free copy to honestly review.

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