May 21, 2011

My Dear Sweet Followers;

Dear Friends,
I am so apologetic for not posting that much these past few weeks. Life has been CRAZY. I have been reading more books then I thought possible, and have had so many graduations and parties it is insanity. So, to catch you up with some announcements:

  • I am going to the Desperation conference in June! Yahoo! I can't wait to see Kari Jobe again :)
  • I am officially obsessed with Fair Trade products. My mom bought me this awesome bag. That was the end for me....
  • I am having 3 relatives stay at my house next week from Thursday until Monday. It will be even more insanity, but still fun :)
  • Wanna know what drink I can't stop drinking? C2O Coconut water. I:am:addicted:
  • I would love to have a huge giveaway in honor of my blogaversary ( In July!) so I will be needing sponsors for that :) 
  • My offer for a free blog button still stands! I love making them, so long as you check your email often :)
  • I am going to Seattle this summer with my family!
  • I am going to be a SENIOR next year. Now whisper it Senior!  Now shout it! Senior!So SO excited!
  • I am on an outdoor volleyball team starting on June 2nd. EEP! Crazy eights with tie-dyed jerseys. Just sayin'. 
I also have a couple of (hopefully) interviews coming up :)  See you all soon!

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