May 25, 2011

Interview with Lucia Marie, from the blog "From Under My Little Umbrella"

So Lucia, how have you been doing?
Well. And that is the truth. :] Busy, stressed over school, dampened by the constant rain, but, altogether: well. And praise the Lord for that!
Coffee or Chai? Ooh, I am an avid disliker of Chai. I don't know why..oh, my. Okay, enough with the rhyming already. ;) I am not a huge drinker of coffee, either..just haven't gotten into it, yet! Mom says that's a good thing..? ;)
 If you could make a new law in America, what would that law be?
Well, like alot of people on this side of the blogging world would say, I would outlaw ABORTION. It is beyond sad that our country gives the death sentence to someone who murders a one-year-old, but says it's a "mother's right" for her to kill her unborn child..even eight months into the pregnancy. :/ DEFINITELY something we all need to pray about.
 How are you using your blog for God's glory?
When I first began my blog, I knew nothing. I was totally inexperienced, and only knew that I had no future whatsoever in becoming of those big, "popular" blogs--I only wanted to share a little about my life with others. I really don't know how it happened, but my readers began to multiply, and I realized that many eyes at least scan my posts everyday--from all around the world. What better way to witness for Christ, then through my words? Since then, I have been striving to write heart-searching articles, reflections, and show the world my love for Christ alongside my fun/random/daily life posts. I have gotten lots of positive feedback, and it lifts my heart to know that I am an encouragement to others! <3 
Do you know what you want to do for the future {as in occupation, marriage, etc}?
I am now completeing my sophomore year of hi-school, and the future looks big, scary, and not ready for me yet. o.O But, I know God has something amazing out there for me~~I am totally unsure what, as of yet, but if it were up to me: become an English major through online schooling and/or a nearby college. Become a wife and mother. I have loved children since I was a child myself, and my utmost dream is to become a mother, LORD willing. But, who knows? Before that blessed day, I may have a wild ride, yet..
What is your favorite scripture?
Oh, it always depends on what is happening in my life/what I am going through, but for now, one of my favorites is Proverbs 3:5-6: "Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths." That verse has guided me through many decisions, and has always been a comfort to me.
If you could say one thing to the readers of this blog, what would it be?
I don't consider myself as someone you would go for to get advice, but these past months I have been getting alot of questions from girls who are discontent. They want to follow God's plan for their life, but one thing keeps getting in their way--appearance. I seem to come across as a very "confident" girl, so they all want to know--"Why are you so confident? I try, but I just can't escape the fact that I'm not ____." ..You fill in the blank, but I think that what that blank always holds is the word "perfection." Every girl wants it, whether they admit it or not. I did, too. Until you admit to yourself that you are never going to achieve outward perfection, and start loving what you have and how God has made you, you are going to be discontent--unconfident. Coming from someone experienced with that feeling of being "not as pretty as ____." So, if there is one thing I would say to your readers {once I finish my little sermon, hehe..}, it is this: don't you know you're beautiful? Inside is what counts. Remember that, and you'll have a confidence that makes you more beautiful than Elizabeth Taylor. <3
White, Dark, or Milk chocolate?
Milk chocolate is my "one weakness." ;) I know dark seems more romantic and is waayy more healthful, but I just can't help myself. :] "Forget love..I'd rather fall in chocolate!"
 Do you speak any languages besides English?
I can't say that I "speak" another language, for that would be somewhat of a fib. But, I am learning German, and have been immersed in it since I was a young child. My dad and mom speak it fluently, and lived in Germany for many years. I hope to master it, someday..

Favorite Color?I'm an "every-pretty-color-girl," so I would have to say..every pretty color is my favorite color. :] But, one that I admire above all the rest is a good, deep, royal purple. I want a dress in that shade..
Would you rather wear a skirt and blouse, or a dress?
I'm not really a dress person~~they tend to be less comfortable than a skirt and blouse. So, I would have to go with the latter. But, if it is..say, a regency DRESS, or a Civil War DRESS, or a cute summer DRESS, or any of those lovelies...send 'em over! :]
Thank you so much for doing the interview Lucia!  Make Sure to Check out her awesome blog!


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