May 23, 2011

Book Review: Freedom's Stand by J.M. Windle

     What would you do if you, a thirteen-year-old girl, were being forced into a marriage as one of the many wives of a very aged opium addict? This frightening scenario opens the first scene of the book, and sadly, this is the unbelievably inhumane case for many young ladies living in Afghanistan.  This book focuses on three people:
*      Jamil, the former jihadist turned doctor, ever proclaiming the love and mercy of Jesus Christ.
*      Amy Mallory, the director of the New Hope foundation, struggling to maintain the hope of women and children. And Finally there is
*      Steve Wilson, the veteran special forces agent simply looking for a purpose in life; he just wants it somewhere other than Afghanistan.
In a twist of fates, these three people will work hard to find love and freedom, which could cost them their lives
     I liked reading the happenings of the nameless girl’s destination of running away from her fiancés. Although this book was written extremely factually, it was somewhat hard to get into after the prologue. I believe it would have been better were it slightly less chaotic. It took me quite a while to figure out what was happening in the story. On a happier note, the cover was incredibly stunning! I could not believe the beautifully bright colors, much less the strikingly clear swirls. Overall, I thought it was a good book once you got into it, and the truthful displays of Afghan hardship. This book could really help the Afghani people!

Tyndale Publishers gave me this book for free to honestly review.

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