June 01, 2011

Book Review: The Waiting Place by Eileen Button

     As humans, we spend most of our time waiting, waiting for our sweet 16 birthday party, waiting for our graduation, waiting for our aunt to marry her boyfriend, waiting to get married, waiting to go to college, waiting for the person in front of us to finish checking out. In this sweet, tenderhearted book full of life's humorous tales, life's trials, and most of all, life's waiting places. Eileen Button demonstrates through her own life stories, showing readers how to make the most of the waiting places, and rather then wish them away, to savor them happily.
     This book is one of a humorous nature, bound and determined to make readers laugh to themselves. Although extremely fun to read, one must agree that this book would be most beneficial when it is read by a married adult. One must enjoy her witty sense of humor and understandable circumstances, all the while looking upon the essays with a knowing heart, seeing the resemblances in her life and theirs.Overall, one can expect to laugh, to cry, to sympathize, and many will undoubtedly love this book, along with it's troubled tales, hilarious happenings, and sincere stories. In the meantime, enjoy your waiting place!

P.S. Book Sneeze gave me this book for free to honestly review.

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