August 11, 2011

Book Review: Fresh Brewed Life by Nicole Johnson

    Is your life feeling a little bland? Are you cracking under pressure? You my friend, need a fresh-brewed life. In this witty, knowledgeable book, Nicole Johnson shares her personal triumphs and tribulations, all the while showing us christian girls how to "freshly brew" our life, after all, you can only drink old coffee for so long before it is, old! While everyone has to face the daily grind, Nicole shows how you can use it to make a wonderful life!She uses ten helpful "guidelines" to jump start everyone's fresh brewed life. With helpful tips, refreshingly funny stories, and a base in scripture, this book is a sure hit!
     I thought this book was very cute, and I enjoyed the beginning thoroughly! She is a funny, interesting author, who actually made me laugh out loud at a couple of sections. One disclaimer I must add: I was unable to read the sixth chapter, for personal reasons only. This said, I would recommend this book to a married woman more quickly than I would an unmarried woman. I absolutely adored the cover of the book, simple, colorful, and enticing! It seems to call to you, wishing for you to read it! I would definitely give this book a high score in my "book rating" list, and my mom actually loved it as well! I urge you, if you are married, to pick up this book very soon!

Libbi H.
Thomas Nelson gave me this book for free as a trade for my review.

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