December 31, 2011

Best of {my} 2011

Wow,  is 2011 already over? What an awesome year! There have been so many unforgettable happenings, and so many fun times! I have decided to compile a list of my favorite things this year!

Top 5 Best Books I Read {fiction} 
In no particular order:

     This book was phenomenal!  With vivid, lively descriptions, the reader can view the luxuriously elegant Belmont Mansion. Using breathtaking details and characters so real the reader feels as if talking to them, Tamara Alexander has written a book that will not be soon forgotten.  One would have neither problems nor criticisms of this book, other than minor doctrinal errors, depending on one’s beliefs. Any reader can find this book to be one of the most researched, stunningly descriptive, and heart-warming
I. Loved. This. Book. It was WONDERFUL! It retold the story of the Woman at the Well, and it was so, so good! I cried. Just to read the part where Jesus comes to the well and tells her about living water, Oh! So wonderful!
     This book was awesome! I learned that if we live our lives in regret, not fully partaking of the amazing grace God has given us, regret will ultimately destroy us. Regardless of our past, we are new creations!

     *This book was one of those books you just have to think about for a while. You know, the kind that takes a while just to chew on and digest? Kind of like steak, absolutely delicious, but it takes a bit to digest. 

I LOVED it. I learned a lot about the Athabascan people of Alaska, as well as how desperately every soul desires peace.

Top 5 Best Books I read{non-fiction

*This book was exceptional, and by far my favorite of this year {keep your eyes open for a giveaway and review} 
     * Originally, I had received a recommendation for this book from another blog, and also, I had read "I kissed Dating goodbye" by Joshua Harris, Alex and Brett's Older brother. What do I have to say about this book?  I have to say that next to the Bible, this is the most Life changing book I have ever read. Ever. If you have not read this yet, read it now. Forget your other books. This book really convicted me of complacency in a few areas of life such as chores, exercise, and some other things. I realized how often I barely do any work and it is approved. I am on a mission to change that. I URGE you to read this book, like, yesterday!
    This book is hysterical. It talks about what it means to truly be transformed, not just be a "Sunday Christian" It is one of those books that makes you laugh and then be really deep at the same time. Awesome book.
This book is the author's story of being called as a missionary to Yemen. It was SO wonderful! I learned all about the Yemen and Muslim culture, and it was a true story, of a missionary who is in Yemen right now! I absolutely loved it!

  *This book was fantastic!

 *Not written in 2011, just read 
Best retail Website

I love C28! They have reasonable prices, and their stuff is awesome! A portion of every purchase goes to an organization of your choice, and they lead hundreds to Christ every year!

Top 5 Best Blogs

Best Commenter 
Sierra leaves the sweetest {and the most} comments! Why don't you go over and leave her a few as well!

Best Guest Poster
 Grace from
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Best Albums

Best Movie

Best Musician
Kari Jobe
Best T-shirt
{Got this for Christmas :) }
Best Comic
Truest Comic

Best Comedy
Rockshow {Clean} Comedy Tour, with Tim Hawkins John Branyan and Bob Smiley

Best Vacation
Best Followers
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Thank you so much for being a follower! If you do your own "Best of {my} 2011" post, be sure to leave me the link! Wishing you the best of 2012. The best is yet to come!
Libbi H.


Dorothy B. said...

This is awesome Libbi! I enjoyed reading all your favorites. <3 <3 <3

Katie said...

Love your post! :) 2012 is going to be amazing! Can't wait to see what God will do! :)