March 20, 2012

Book Review: Beckon by Tom Pawlik

The plot
Some things were supposed to be unknown to humankind. Once these eerie secrets are released, however, there is no going back. Three unconnected strangers are all drawn to the peculiarly small town of Beckon, Wyoming. All for different reasons. All to be in more danger than ever before.
When Anthropologist Jack Kendrick Falls down into a cavern while searching for his long lost father, he discovers something much more fierce than a simple kidnapping. Police officer Elina Guiterrez arrives in Beckon after tracing a white van smuggling illegal immigrants into Wyoming. She is then mercilessly thrown into a dungeon. Together, they must find a way out of this  haunted town.

I liked:
·        The twists. Most of the time, you really did not see it coming.
·        The suspense. I will not lie; it was intense towards the end.
·        The interwoven stories. I liked how each of the characters wove into the other somehow.
I did not like:
·         The gore. It was REALLY gory, and there was almost no lull in the violence.
·         The talk of human sacrifice. While I understand it was important to this story, I don’t understand why you would choose to write about it.
·         The sickness. They talked about it so much. It just made me nauseous.
·         And most importantly, the lack of mention about God. While the book did mention God a few times, it was not nearly as much as it should have been. Everything done in the book was done by humans, not God. *SPOILER ALERT* Even once they are saved, it is no thanks to God. It was complete reliance on themselves.
I believe it is hard for me to recommend a book that had very little redeeming quality. While I am not saying to never read it, I am saying exercise EXTREME caution before doing so.
This book was given to me from Tyndale in exchange for this review.

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