March 19, 2012

Book Review: The Wedding Dress by Rachel Hauck

The Thickening Plot
Life is good for Charlotte. She is the owner of a chic, modern bridal salon in Birmingham, Alabama she is engaged to an awesome man, and she is certain she will find the perfect dress for her wedding. It is smooth sailing until she purchases a hundred year old trunk, with the lock on front welded shut. Her curiosity piqued, she goes to great lengths to find out the mysterious history behind the lovely wedding dress the trunk contains. Through her journey, she begins to discover more about herself, and doubt her upcoming wedding. In the end, she must find out the truth of her beautiful heritage.
I ♥
·        The multiple stories woven into the book. Each one was so unique, yet so very similar.
·        The characters. I love it when the character seems like a friend.
·        The detail. Just the way the author described the dress, and the way she described the characters. It is a true art.
I Didn’t ♥
·        A couple romantic paragraphs. Not awful, but something for parents to be wary of.
·        The beginning was a bit slow, not unbearably, but it takes a minute to get into the book.
This book is worth your time. The perfect book for an airplane ride, or a road trip. This book would also be fun to give at a bridal shower, or as a party favor at a bridal shower. I would say this book is worth your money.

This book was given to me for free by Booksneeze, in exchange for this honest review

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